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Oregonfreethinker has been added to The Atheist Blogroll. You can see the blogroll in my sidebar. The Atheist blogroll is a community building service provided free of charge to Atheist bloggers from around the world. If you would like to join, visit Mojoey at Deep Thoughts for more information.

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“The Evolution of Religious Freedom” by Dr. James Lett

The Evolution of Religious Freedom is a paper by Dr James Lett.

Dr. Lett presented this paper in 2007 at the Oxford Round Table, Oxford University. Some of you may have read it although if you have not it is a wonderful paper about freedom from religion. The paper is available for free here in pdf (33 pages).

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Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins discuss morality and science

Here is a link to a video of Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins speaking in Oxford about morality and science. Harris brings up some points that you may recall from “Letter to a Christian Nation” and Dawkins is brilliant as always. If you have not seen this it is worth your time (hour and a quarter)     Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins discuss morality and science.

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Hello everyone

I am an atheist from Oregon looking to voice my opinion on subjects such as religion and science (mainly religion) as well as have discussion with like-minded individuals. This is my first time blogging so I may start out slow. I would not consider myself to be a great writer although I tend to be passionate about some subjects which I plan to discuss here.

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All belief in a rapture is delusional

May 21st has come and gone like most of us knew it would. As many of us predicted there are excuses for why the 21st was seemingly another day. One (which was expected) is that god decided to give us more time to repent for our sins. Regardless of the excuse for the “no show” many Christians still expect the rapture to come at some time and more specifically a lot of them believe it will be in their life time.

So what does it take for these people to come to terms that all belief in a rapture is delusional? I did have some hope that this failed rapture would give Christians a reason to question their beliefs all together. This unfortunately does not seem to be the case.  When you have beliefs like they do rational inquiry is out the door. These statements are obvious to atheists but unfortunately we atheists are a minority and a huge part of the global population is infected with what Richard Dawkins calls “The God Delusion”.

Throughout the whole thing I did not hear or read anything about the Hindu god Vishnu/Krishna? Why you say? Well let me first start by saying that Krishna is no less fictional than Jesus although the story of Krishna was around much much before Jesus and the stories are very similar. So much in fact that it appears that the Jesus story was taken from the Hindu religion. This again is not anything new for a lot of you although I questioned several Christians about it and they were clueless. Most of them had not heard anything about it and they were under the impression that the story of Jesus was unique.

Here is a list of some of the similarities.

  •   Both visited by three wise men bearing gifts.
  •   Jesus is the son of the Virgin Mary.
  •   Krishna is the son of the Virgin Devaki.
  •   The nativity of Jesus is heralded by a star.
  •   The nativity of Krishna is heralded by a star.
  •   Jesus performs miracles in the town of Materea in Egypt.
  •   Krishna performs miracles in Mathura.
  •   Both were crucified.
  •   During the crucifixion, Jesus was wounded by a spear.
  •   During the crucifixion, Krishna was wounded by an arrow.
  •   Krishna descended into Hell.
  •   He raised the dead.
  •   He brought back two boys from Hell.
  •   Jesus descended into Hell.
  •   He raised the dead.
  •   He brought back from Hell two boys, the sons of the high priest.
  •   Krishna is the second person of the Hindu Trinity: (1) Brahma, (2) Vishnu, (3) Siva. Krishna is the incarnation of Vishnu
  •   Jesus is the second person of the Christian Trinity: (1) God, the Father, (2) Jesus the Son, (3) the Holy Ghost.
  •   The baby Krishna began speaking to his mother shortly after birth.
  •   The baby Jesus began speaking to the Virgin Mary shortly after his birth, saying, “Mary, I am Jesus, the Son of God, that WORD which thou didst bring forth according to the declaration of the Angel Gabriel to thee, and my Father hath sent me for the salvation of the world.”
  •   Nanda is warned by an angel to flee from King Kansa by crossing the Jumna River with the infant Krishna.
  • Joseph is warned in a dream to flee from King Herod into Egypt with the infant Jesus and the Virgin Mary

It is discouraging that there are so many Christians that do not question things like this. Belief in any god is irrational although declaring yourself a member of a religion without an understanding of said religion makes you a delusional follower.

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